Teachable Moments

A child’s development is dynamic and influenced by their relationships, environments, and experiences. It's up to you to take advantage of each moment to create learning in every moment of the day. learn how to approach your daily schedule with flexibility and how to make the most of unplanned teachable moments.

This is a content rich asynchronous course that helps you build your interactions and teaching skills through finding those teachable moments.

This course includes a Live Webinar Recording, and three asynchronous sub-sections: Choice Time Teaching, Embracing Teachable Moments, and Large Group Teaching Strategies.

There are 4 quizzes that you have the opportunity to complete for a total of 4 competency certificates.

  • How to identify a teachable moment
  • Strategies to enhance learning during a teachable moment
  • How to build your interaction skills
  • How to support choice and learning in both free choice and large group activities.
And so much more!
The course awards a certificate for 1 competency certificate upon successful completion of each section in the course.
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