Feeling burned out? Lacking work-life balance?

Working as an early childhood educator nothing is more important than work-life balance. But how many times are you taking preschool materials home? How many evenings are spent catching up on your planning or assessment paperwork? Join us as we discuss the importance of balancing our life between early childhood professional responsibilities and the rest of our life.
A good work-life balance creates a life that is more positive, less stressful, and an overall greater well-being. But, it is challenging. When we, as early childhood professionals give our all, we don't realize the toll it can take on us. During this training we will discuss what is meant by professional burn out, how to recognize it, and the importance of balancing our lives between work and home.
  • The challenges of work overload
  • What is meant by professional burn out
  • How to recognize when you are headed toward burn out
  • The importance of our positive well-being
  • Strategies to help balance work and home responsibilities
The course awards a certificate for 1 clock hour upon successful completion of the course quiz.
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