Creating a Healthy and Safe Environment

This course is detailed and rich. Enrolling in this course you will explore the health and safety of children in your care and learn how you can ensure children are safe and healthy. 

The course outlines the following areas:
  1. A Healthy Nutrition for Children
  2. A Safe Learning Environment 
  3. A Healthy Learning Environment

This course also includes a segmented Training where the following objectives are covered: 
  • What is a safe early childhood environment?
  • What is a healthy early childhood environment?
  • How can we ensure children’s safety and health while in our care?
  • How to use Experience Curriculum to set up a safe and healthy environment.

Each section of this course includes a 1 hour competency certificate. With 4 sections, you have the opportunity to complete 4 competency hours that can be used towards your professional development. 

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